Teacher resume writing tips

Jelena Lukic

Published 30th October , 2020

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To become a teacher one has to go through many years of education and acquire certifications. Yet, the job search can be long and depends on different factors, such as the time of the year . Additionally, the competition can be severe both in credentials, experience and number of applicants. For this reason, there is a lot of stress when it comes to getting that first job or starting anew. I Love My CV is here to help you craft a perfect teacher resume.

What should you include into your teaching resume?

The Education section is truly valuable for any teacher resume. Unsurprisingly, higher education is most often the first and most important thing recruiters will look for. Thus, the Education section should be listed right below your personal information or resume introduction if you decide to include one. Depending on the country or state laws, you should also include your certifications and licenses into this section.

Having previous teaching or even tutoring experience can be a great advantage. Hence, you should include this section right after Education if it’s applicable to you. We encourage you to include other similar experiences, such as

  • Volunteer education positions
  • Internships
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Tutoring

Quantifiable accomplishments are a great addition to a teaching resume. Whenever you can include a number or percentage make sure to do so. You have had great results in previous evaluations? Make sure to mention that. Your students’ average test score improved since you came along? A great addition to a resume!

Technical knowledge is becoming more and more relevant in classrooms. Teachers knowing how to use different devices, programs and applications is becoming an expectation rather than a bonus. Make sure to let the recruiters know you are keeping up with the newest technology. This can be listed in the Skills section, or illustrated throughout Work experience.

A teacher in front of a whiteboard.
Let your previous successes be known!

As you can see, there are many elements as well as their hierarchy to think through. If you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, you may want to look into a resume maker to alleviate the stress and make sure you don’t forget a key component.

Adjust your teacher resume according to the job postings

While schools all have the same general goal, there are vast differences in the ways different schools function. Depending on the location, affluence and collective, your supervisors will expect different things from you. In other words, you won’t be able to use the same exact resume for each posting. The solution to this situation is doing some research on the school and analyzing the job posting itself.

The first part will allow you to highlight your personality traits that make you a natural addition to the school’s collective. The second will allow you to showcase your professional experiences and skills as especially suitable. This doesn’t mean lying on your resume, but giving the traits you already possess a more pronounced position.

When it comes to choosing the traits and skills, the job posting is a great place to look for keywords to incorporate into your resume. Using the same language as the posting will enable your resume to be picked out from a great number of applicants, even if they are checked automatically by a computer.

We hope these tips have helped you, and wish you the best of luck in this noble profession!


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