Receptionist resume 101

Jelena Lukic

Published 15th December , 2020

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The position of a receptionist is a highly demanding one, but still has its advantages. If your people skills are above average and you are organized and resourceful, this job can be a source of joy and fulfillment. Additionally, most companies, venues and institutions need receptionists nowadays, so you won‘t have to wait long for a posting. However, applying for a job is one thing, and actually getting that job is another. No matter how many postings you find, many other candidates will apply for them as well. A great receptionist resume can help you rise above the competition by highlighting all your skills and experience. We are here to help you create it.

A general rule

The layout of your resume highly depends on your level of experience. Obviously, having years of experience as a receptionist or a similar job will help. However, there is no reason for people with little to no experience to not be able to get a job as a receptionist if they possess the skills. In other words, you should either highlight your skills or work experience by placing them right underneath your personal information depending on how much experience you‘ve had in the field.

What skills to put on resume for receptionist

Whether you are applying for a startup or a five-star hotel, you will have to show your future employer how reliable you really are. This is true because your duties will demand you to collaborate with many people doing different tasks and having different demands. Hence, your skills will take up a significant portion of your resume. This is how you can showcase your reliability in a plethora of fields, and through practical examples. This is a great way to show the company you are exactly what they are looking for.

Illustration of a job interview.
Showcase your skills!

As we have previously mentioned, the most important skills for a receptionist are organizational and interpersonal. Clearly, this means the perfect candidate is both naturally inclined and has the capacity to learn new skills. Here are some of the most important ones

  • Friendly demeanor
  • Helpfulness
  • Punctuality
  • Problem-solving
  • Prioritizing
  • Data entry
  • Time and appointment management
  • Typing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Multitasking

Of course, different positions will prioritize different skills, and you should always pay attention to the posting you are applying for. By learning to prioritize highly relevant skills and excluding unnecessary ones you will also be making your resume short but powerful.

Receptionist resume: Experience

Having previously worked in the industry can help your resume immensely. This is true because it signals that you won‘t need much (or any) training and also that you can handle the pressure of the position. Hence, you should take the time to list work experience in your resume. Highlight it by dedicating it more space and a higher position within the document.

The experience section should be comprised of the name of the company, the timespan of you working there and your duties. The best way to list your daily tasks is by creating a bulleted list. Each point of the list should start with a strong verb, such as requesting, implementing, greeting, answering, coordinating, etc. It is important to showcase different aspects of your day-to-day tasks by using different verbs for each one. This will show that you are capable of juggling many different demands and highlight the diversity of your skills.

This way you will make sure to leave a good first impression on recruiters and create a narrative that will make it easy to land an interview. To put it simply – the recruiters will see you as a worthy employee and calling you back will seem like a logical next step.

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You’re hired!

How to appeal to a company through your resume?

We always insist on applying the posting‘s demands to your own experiences and skills. Hence, flexibility should be the principle upon which you build your resume. This most often means leaving some parts out in favor of other ones that actually relate to the posting in question. This can have a positive impact on your resume in more ways than one. Firstly, it will show the company you do your diligence and pay attention to their needs and demands. Any recruiter will know this is a great asset for any receptionist.

Secondly, many companies have automatized their application process. Not having a person look through your resume requires some changes to the way you write your CV. By using language similar to the posting, you will make sure automatic application reviewing programs don‘t skip you.

You should be aware different industries ask for different things. For example, a receptionist at a hotel will have different duties than one in a hospital or a law office. Highly specialized positions will ask their receptionists to assist clients and visitors in different ways, so you should be ready to answer to different demands depending on the company you‘re applying for. Having experience in a similar position is a great asset in this case.

Illustration of a man getting a job.
Everything counts!

Additional tips for formatting receptionist resume

Skills and experience aren‘t the only things you should highlight. Mention your certifications on a resume if you have finished a course relevant to the position, such as typing. Speaking multiple languages is always a plus in the job as well.

If you can assign a value to any of your accomplishments, you should absolutely do it. This way your positive traits will be more tangible and show how you can help the company. In practice, this means quantifying your duties – the volume of people you had to work with on a daily basis, the number of words you can type in a minute, your proficiency level for different languages.

To conclude

Receptionists are the discreet and reliable helpers in any larger company or institution. Their work is often overlooked, but they get the chance to help and connect with others. This isn‘t a position anyone could fill, and employers know it. That is why you should pay your resume special attention so it shows your organizational and interpersonal skills as well as experience in the best possible light.


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