Graphic designer resume: how to impress recruiters?

Jelena Lukic

Published 16th November , 2020

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A graphic designer’s resume is not easy to create. It is a document that should give proof of your creativity and limits you to one page. Hence, there is a danger of wanting to show what you can do and making the resume too busy or focusing more on the visual element than the content itself. We are here to give you some CV tips and help you achieve a balance and get the perfect job.

Resume components

A great header is basically a necessity when it comes to your profession. This part of the resume contains

  • your name
  • contact information
  • job title

It is an opportunity to show off your strongest suit, whether it’s typography, vector art, illustration or something else. Think through the layout of the header and the ways you can design it so it compliments the rest of the document and yet still stands out.

Work experience should be the next segment you include into your CV. It is important to stick to the jobs within the industry. In other words, you should make sure all your listed experience is relevant to the position you are applying for. This is the most important section of your CV as it shows the recruiters you are up to the task and know your way around projects. Our tip is to visually highlight the biggest and most challenging projects so far.

Education is the next element of your resume. You may wonder if listing your high school education is going too far, and the general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t include it. However, as many graphic designers are self-taught, they may have to list it if they haven’t pursued higher education. This shouldn’t discourage you, as what you can do is more important than your education in this line of work.

A graphic designer's work table
Showcase what you can do!

The Skills section should first and foremost show the programs and techniques you can use. You should list the skills in order most fitting to an individual job posting. However, as the field itself has strong artistic inclinations, there is a lot of freedom to express yourself, show your interests and sense of humor. If you prefer to stay strictly professional in this segment, it wouldn’t hurt to include a bonus one – Hobbies or Interests, where you can present yourself a bit more personally.

Junior graphic designer resume basics

The way you incorporate graphic elements into your design should reflect your style. Thus, you can consider your resume a mini portfolio, offering an insight into your skills. We encourage you to give the recruiters some concrete facts, and express them through graphs and numbers.

We implore you to edit down your resume and give it a critical look before you submit it. Are you overdoing the graphic element? What about the content itself? Are you listing any unnecessary details? Remember, a resume should be considered prime real estate. Include only the most important information that presents you in the best light.

We hope our tips have helped you, and wish you the best of luck in finding a job that will allow you to use your skills and be truly creative!


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