• Do you have a money back guarantee? A plus

    Yes, 14 days money back guarantee

  • Can I change my plan? A plus

    No. You can choose your preferred plan upon registration only.

  • Can I change my password? A plus

    Yes. Login to your account, and go to My account. On the “My profile” tab you will see a change password form. To change password, you need to enter your old password, new password and repeat new password.

  • Can I create multiple resumes? A plus

    All our subscribed users can create multiple resumes

  • What can I do with a premium subscription? A plus

    You can create multiple superb resumes. Moreover, you can create resumes in multiple languages and download them in multiple formats. You can access your account with any device (mobile/desktop/tablet). Our premium support crew will be by your side at all times.

  • Where can I cancel my subscription? A plus

    There are several ways in which you can cancel your membership on our website:

    1.Log in to your account, go to your Profile, and click “Cancel Membership” button

    2.Cancel it directly through support page. To support page, to the section titled “Find Your Membership” and enter your email and the last 4 digits of your credit card in the dedicated fields. Click the “Search” button, and you will easily find your membership. Then, click the offered “Cancel Membership” button

    3.Simply contact our support agents and request membership termination. If you have issues finding your login credentials, please contact customer support. Email: support@design-builder.io. Phone: +31 85 0012 742. Customer support is open Monday to Friday from 08.00 AM – 23.00 PM (Time zone: +2 GMT) and will do our best to guide you and answer your questions within 48 hours on weekdays and we are closed in the weekends.

  • Can I export my CV? A plus

    Yes. You can export it in PDF, Word and TXT formats.

  • Can I change the language of my CV? A plus

    Yes. I Love My CV users have 13 languages at their disposal.

  • What is I Love My CV? A plus

    I Love My Cv is a resume creating app. Users can choose a template and enter their information for a perfectly formatted resume that looks professional, clean and polished.

  • Benefits of Signing up to I Love My CV? A plus

    Users can create a high quality professional resume in no time with I Love My CV. We offer multiple diverse ready-made templates and allow our users to edit and format their CV quickly and effortlessly.


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