Bartender resume – how long should your resume be?

Jelena Lukic

Published 4th November , 2020

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Like so many jobs that deal with people, tending bar isn’t easy. Bartenders everywhere need to deliver when it comes to their craftsmanship behind the bar, endure long hours and keep a smile on their face. We at I Love My CV appreciate the profession very much, and want to help you craft a perfect bartender resume that can open many doors to you.

What should a bartender’s resume look like?

While the profession is demanding and may look alternative to an outsider, the layout and segments of your resume are quite straightforward. The mandatory segments you must include into your CV are

  • Header with personal data
  • Employment history in reverse chronological order
  • Skills
  • Education, licences, certifications and training

If you speak multiple languages, this is a great addition to a bartender resume. You can list it either in the Skills section or give them a separate place within the resume.

It is important to spend some time figuring out the perfect layout for your resume. This means considering white space, subheadings, formatting of the text, as well as margins, font and bullet points. We are aware this can get difficult to manage, especially when making multiple versions of your resume. Thus, we recommend checking out our resume maker. With it, every version of your resume will be perfectly formatted each time.

A well crafted resume can help you get an interview.

When it comes to the order in which you list the segments of your resume, we can’t give you a definitive answer. However, this is true only because there isn’t one. You will have to consider your previous experience as well as the job posting and the venue itself to determine what makes you fit in the most. When you figure out what makes you a great candidate, you should highlight that aspect. In other words – give it a front and center position in your resume. In other words – you should adjust your resume to give you the best chance of landing the job.

Bartender resume skills

Your level of experience and education can dictate which segment to give more attention to. However, every venue owner, recruiter, or hiring manager will be looking out for your skills. These are displayed in the Work experience and Skills segments. As a resume should be relatively short and easy to get through, you shouldn’t repeat the same point twice. Think about your daily responsibilities, divide them into smaller tasks and try to be thorough. A good way to appeal to a recruiter is to read the job posting carefully. Then use the same keywords that appear in it. Additionally, you can adjust your soft skills (those skills that stem from your personality) to the venue itself.

It is important to show the ways you can fit into the environment seamlessly and continue right where your predecessor left off. As you know, people come to different bars looking for different things. Most owners want to keep the elements that brought in customers. This may be especially daunting if you are only looking for your first bar tending job. However, if that is the case, you can use the ”people skills” you have developed elsewhere. This can be at a different job or in school.

We hope these tips were helpful, and wish you the best of luck in finding the best venue to truly shine!


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